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Background Investigations Analyst

Location: Fort Worth, Texas near TCU
Starting pay: $14/hour during training; raises based on attaining proficiency in different areas
Hours: Full time — 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, but evening and weekend overtime is sometimes necessary to meet our clients’ needs


We are a great employment background investigations firm catering to mid-sized employers. The work we do is critical to ensuring that our clients make well-informed hiring decisions and maintain safe and productive workplaces.

We take our clients’ trust extremely seriously and never cut corners. We have detailed processes and procedures to ensure that we deliver excellence every time!

Our clients absolutely love us. And our culture and processes are all designed to keep the romance alive!

We provide constant feedback and have a supportive team-oriented environment. We don’t compete with each other – we succeed together.

We have three core values we use in making every business decision, including who we hire:

  • Always act with integrity.
  • Always act in the best interest of the client.
  • Always work together as a team with compassion and respect.

The Job:

Our background investigation analyst team researches criminal histories, verifies applicants’ employment and education claims, and provides an array of other services to our clients.

You’ll spend most of the day sitting or standing (yes, we have standing desks) while working on a computer with dual monitors. You’ll also spend time on the phone helping clients, sweet-talking court clerks, or working with our research providers all over the country.

No previous experience is required but the job will be challenging from day one. You’ll learn a lot very quickly.

Every day is different. There’s always a lot of work to do and you will rarely feel “caught up.”

We have a straight-forward pay structure: the more you learn, the more you earn. As you progress through each level of training and demonstrate proficiency, you’ll earn more money. Our goal is for our analysts to eventually earn $17 per hour or more.

And because we’re a licensed private investigations company, you’ll be registered as a private investigator. (Red Ferrari and Hawaiian shirt optional.)


If you are our ideal analyst candidate, you are:

  • A quick learner.
  • Good with a computer and comfortable moving fluidly between different applications.
  • Very detail oriented.
  • Driven to get it done right the first time.
  • Someone who strives to get all of your work done every day – you like checking things off lists!
  • Not overly social but are very comfortable talking to courts, employers, schools, and our clients over the phone throughout the day.
  • The kind of person who likes following set procedures but you can figure stuff out when faced with an unusual situation.
  • A hard worker who loves working with a supportive team that you know has your back!

Oh, and you’re not:

  • A jerk.
  • A know it all.
  • Drama royalty.
  • An excuse maker.

No specific experience is necessary. We’ve had great analysts with college degrees and others with real-world work experience.

We’re a lot more interested in behavior and aptitude. If you’re a fit in our culture and you’re smart, we’ll do everything reasonable to ensure that you are successful!

Because of the sensitive data we deal with, it is important that your background show that you take care of your business and generally stay out of trouble. We are, however, reasonable when dumb decisions in your less-recent past don’t suggest a future risk to our company or our clients.

Finally, we are an allergen-sensitive office. So, if you smell (even faintly) of perfume or smoke (or, ugh, cat pee – really, you wouldn’t think we have to say this but there it is), this probably isn’t the right place for you to work.

The Perks:

Besides offering a great team environment, we offer the following perks:

  • Health insurance after 90 days
  • Three weeks of paid time off (PTO) and eight paid holidays each year
  • Casual dress environment (decent jeans and t-shirts are fine!)
  • 401k retirement program with up to 4% company match upon eligibility!
  • Potential for remote work in the comfort of your own home


The next step in exploring this position is to complete an application and authorization to conduct a background check. Once we have that and your contact information, we will reach out via email with the next steps, a short behavioral assessment, the Talent Report. The assessment will help us evaluate your behavioral fit for this position within our organization.

Please understand that there are no bad behavior styles. However, some natural behavior traits are better suited to certain positions than others.

If your assessment suggests that this position is a natural fit for you, we’ll send you an email to provide more information.

You will hear back from us within a week either way. We promise we won’t leave you hanging!

HINT: Everything you submit to us during the application and interview process will be evaluated for attention to detail, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and thoughtfulness.

To apply for this job please visit