About Imperative

A message from Mike Coffey, SPHR

More than twenty years ago, I was a corporate human resources manager for a large hospital system. One of my team’s responsibilities was management of outsourced HR services, including background checks.

Background checks quickly became one of my largest sources of frustration. We had constant quality and time service problem and their customer service was very bad.

To manage that vendor relationship, I had to become an expert in background investigations from the HR side of the desk. And then I managed them hard!

In 1999, I used that expertise to create Imperative.

From day one, my team and I have built Imperative to be the background screening company that a demanding HR professional would love.

Our reports are easy to read, accurate, and thorough.

When a client calls Imperative, there are no call trees to navigate. We simply answer the phone.

However, because we anticipate their questions while preparing our reports, clients rarely have to call us!

Our client liaison team are veteran analysts who can answer almost any question a client may have.

And if a client has a question about a specific piece of research, they can be connected directly to the analyst who conducted the research to get a straight answer without intermediaries.

The Imperative team takes such good care of our clients that we have a 97% client retention rate.

And while I am exceptionally proud of that number (“They really love us!”), perhaps an even more meaningful metric is how many phone calls I get from clients who are unhappy.


Every client has my personal cell phone number and I never receive customer service-related calls.

And when I do speak to clients, they are constantly telling me how great my team is.

This is the company I set out to build eighteen years ago.

Are you ready to become an Imperative client? Let’s talk!

Mike Coffey, SPHR